ASHNA INTERNATIONAL YOUTH VOLUNTEERS (AIYV) is the found it project of AIYA, he purpose of volunteering is generally considered……….


The National Youth Parliament is the democratically elected voice of Afghan’s young people and NYP is a young people’s parliament mechanism …..


National Youth Awards (NYA) is a unique national contest which brings together young developers from the sectors of entrepreneurs….


GYO is International base operation program which support youth toward International opportunities, more than 70% youth populations…….visit


The AIYA is a project of Assistance to Support Humanity and Need for Aid (ASHNA) Organization which was found it by Mohammad Sabir Ahmadzai & Co-founder Owoyemi Ibrahim Segun in 2013, AIYA is an independent and democratic youth-led International youth association which is non-profit, non-governmental and non-political International Association; representing youth from across the world. It works to empower youth and promote their interests. It works for young people and exists to represent the views of youth to the governments,international communities and decision-makers at all levels in promoting and increasing participation of youth in the social and the public life…

  • Youth Development Strategy

    The AIYA is international level youth organization which has activities…

  • Mission & Aims

    AIYA is committed to give young people a voice and a stake in the…

  • Operational Management

    AIYA recognizes the importance of effective management, Decisive…